Research in the Behavioural Cardiology Laboratory focuses on health risk behaviors and emotions, how they in turn affect disease processes and recovery, or adaptation to chronic disease.  Our work has two main tracks, namely Behavioral Cardiology and Psycho-Oncology, and is based in a laboratory at UBC but also extends to the BC Cancer Agency and the Provincial Heart Center at St. Paul’s Hospital.  The team is working on these key questions:

Cardiovascular Disease

  • Which psychological and medical factors predict who recovers best from coronary artery bypass surgery ?

  • Which factors explain why some people’s blood pressure does not drop at night ?

  • How detrimental is habitual rumination and poor anger coping to sleep quality and cardiovascular health


  • How do people adjust to a cancer diagnosis? Can we predict who adjusts best?

  • How effective is a professionally-led, web-based virtual support group for breast cancer survivors?

  • How can we use the web to facilitate access to psychosocial services and/or offer supportive treatment, and improve survivorship care?